Unbelievable tragedy

20 children and 8 adults were killed today by a 20 something year old kid. I go to pray about it thinking it is the right thing to do, but I just don’t even know what to say in these prayers of mine.

I’m just speechless, even to God.

I’m not one who displays much emotion about things like this. I tend to soak it in and let my thoughts wander – occasionally trying to make sense of it all, or come up with the answer to those who ask “Why would God allow this!?”. We don’t know. Bottom line. CS Lewis said something along the lines of that if we try and understand God, it is to say we have the same level of intellect, reason, etc as God. That we are equal in some way.

While I don’t mean to downplay this horrible event, I know that what is horrible and terrifying to us at any given time, is a seed for some good – somewhere in the mess.

There will be some good that comes out of this – that would not have happened otherwise.

New site & blog. A fresh start.

If you came here searching for Jordan Powers the wedding & portrait photographer – you have the right guy, but I have officially retired from the wedding photography business and took my site down.  I will still shoot weddings and portraits if the people are right – but no longer advertising.
I now have a growing architectural photography business that you can see more at www.lucaskay.com, and still am enjoying my passion for photography of all sorts. With this blog / site, I intend for it to be a hub for my businesses and online presence – which you can see in the ELSEWHERE section.

I hope to occasionally post blogs of things that are relevant and interesting to me at the time, but we’ll see.  I will update this post as time goes on, but for now – I just needed to get something up here.

It is October, 2014. This website has now been updated to market my interiors and architecture work – which I have been building a portfolio of for some time now. Everything on this site has changed from the original post, but wanted to keep this post up for reference. Lucas Kay is still my LLC, but my real estate work can be found at www.mankatohometours.com. I still plan to post personal things here as well.