App Review: One Second Epic

As a photographer and general creative junkie, I enjoy documenting and sharing as much as possible.  The more I get into video, the more I find ways to fit it into my every day workflow.

I stumbled across an app called One Second Epic.  What this app does is allows you to record 1-5 seconds worth of video, compile these video’s, and throw them together to make one movie.

The thing I really enjoy about this app is that it allows me to journal small memories I want to capture each day.  There are no filters you can apply, no witty comments or emoticons, just straight up documentation.  Once a video is compiled, I can literally spend a few seconds and relive memories from each day.

The goal is to do one every day for a year.  I am considering posting one every month, but knowing my level of dedication to regular posts… we’ll see how that goes.  In the meantime, here are some highlights from January:


Overall this app is incredibly easy to use.  In two clicks, you are recording.  You can also bring in clips that you didn’t record with the app.
To get ahead of the learning curve, my suggestion would be to just record video normally, or at the 5 second limit, and then edit out the 1-5 seconds you want to use in your video.  Otherwise, if you don’t feel like fussing around with all of that and just want to document life at random, set it at 1 or 2 seconds and be on your way.

Anyway, 4/5 stars.  I know that they will continue to improve this app over time.

Favorite things about this app?

  • The ability to mindlessly document life.
  • The ability to relive memories in small bursts. While recording something full length will always have a place, this app allows me to pull from my memory what led up to, or happened next in the events captured.
  • Ease of use. Three clicks (open app, capture, shutter button) to make a recording.
  • Good design – even though the whole aperture-logo-thing is overdone.

Some suggestions to make it better?

  • Allow users to re-arrange the order in which their epics appear.
  • Allow users a way to specify the length while in a recording.
  • Allow button functionality for the shutter, or create an option for lefties (or people with no right hand) to put the shutter button on the left instead of the right.
  • While in capture mode, the menu to select which epic you are recording to doesn’t function unless the phone is pointing forward (opposed to down).
  • Give some different profile icon options. This is petty, yes, but for whatever reason, I would like some more options to choose from.