It is crazy when I stop and look at the amount of data I have accumulated throughout the years doing photography and video.  I wanted to share a couple of tools that I have used over the last 5 years that I would highly recommend to anyone.

The first one is Drobo.  I started with the original 4 Bay Drobo in 2008 and upgraded to the Drobo S in 2010.  The way it works is you simply buy hard drives, plug them into the Drobo, and the send your files to it just like you would any other hard drive. What the Drobo does is it creates a redundant backup on itself so that if one of the hard drives fails on you, you lose zero data. Just take the bad hard drive out and put a new one in. In 5 years, I have not lost any hard drives or data that I didn’t chose to delete on my own.

This is what one of the screens on the Drobo Dashboard looks like:


I was only a few gigabytes away from capacity, so I did some spring cleaning and got rid of un-used files to save myself a terabyte.

It isn’t safe to have all of your eggs in one basket, so I also do a cloud based backup solution called Backblaze. Not sure of the cost now, but I pay $50 a year for unlimited storage. It automatically backs everything up I specify on the Drobo and the computer. Depending on my bandwidth, it can backup up to 40gb per day. I can access the files from anywhere using my phone, tablet, or another computer – which is an added bonus, although I haven’t had to use that feature yet.

Here is a screenshot that shows an overview of what I currently have backed up:


I just wanted to post a short and sweet recommendation of two of the products I use. This is not a review by any means. They have both been great services, but they also come with their share of headaches.

What do you use for your backup solution?