The minute I learned about these things, I had to have one. I invested around $1300 in this whole kit and got my moneys worth within a few flights. I crashed it this past fall and one of the motors needs to be replaced (very, very cheap – I just don’t have the time) have replaced the motor – thought it is not soldered, so if you want to do that you certainly can. It is flying once again though. The Phantom itself is in very, VERY used condition (NOT NEW AT ALL) with some modifications (drill holes and all), but flies just great. Did I mention this thing is in very used, but working condition?

Because I simply don’t have the time to fly, update, or clean it I have decided to sell it to someone who has been wanting to pick up this hobby.

I am selling the following:
– Phantom 1 (as is – dirt and all) ($500 value if brand new)
– HPRC 2700 case w/ foam cutouts – ($170 value)
– 7 DJI Phantom batteries and charger ($150 value)
– Extended legs ( work, but broken )
– Prop guards ($10 value)
– Tarot T-2D Gimbal ($155 value)
– Fatshark Predator FPV Goggles ($359 value)

*I am willing to sell the case separately, but everything else must go together.
**I am willing to throw in the GoPro for an additional $200

To buy all of this new would cost you roughly $1300. I am willing to start the bid at $300 OBO. Please email me through the contact form on the website if you are interested and we can make a deal.

Here is a short video of some of the flights I ran, and photos below:


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