Last year I co-founded a project called “Made in Mankato“. We are a group of independent filmmakers who highlight a local business each month by creating a mini-documentary on them. I was contacted by our local news station, KEYC, to do a small piece on what I do.

While this was a great honor, it is important to me that the entire team is recognized for MIM, not just myself. I play a pretty big role in the project, but without the team this project would have died off within months of starting. Thank you to Ted & Tonya Wittman, Ryan Frederick, Caleb Curran, Judy Ebel, Ty Leyrer, for sticking with this month over month, and dedicating a ton of your free time to this project. What we do is making a huge impact in our small business community, and hopefully we have all sparked some inspiration in others to do something impactful with their talents that helps strengthen our community.

Click HERE to view the video.