I have been doing a lot of video work lately.

Most of you know me as a photographer, but truth is – I was a videographer long before I ever picked up a DSLR.  I was editing video back in 1998 as an intern for a commercial multimedia studio using Media One.  In 2001/2002, I was using Adobe Premiere to edit personal projects with friends, etc. We would film mini movies on the weekends.  It took a long time and you had to be very, very patient.

Within the last year, I have been doing a lot of video production through my work and business.  I only plan on doing more, and they will be getting more and more intricate as time goes on.

I have been using Final Cut Pro X to do my editing.  It is very easy to use. Almost too easy. Sure, there are some quirky things about it that I could do without, but overall I enjoy it.

When Adobe announced their Creative Cloud I got excited. I have been wanting to give Premiere another shot, especially since a number of my friends have made the switch to Adobe.  My initial experience is that it is too complicated. Granite, I have only used it a handful of times – but it has already crashed on me once, which is extremely frustrating because you can only auto save in pre-determined increments. Since I forgot to change the default from 20 minutes, I lost 20 minutes worth of editing because it didn’t auto save.



I am still going to give it a fair shot – but I am not thrilled at this point with how little Premiere has actually appeared to change over the last 12 years. One thing is for sure – the interface is much more professional looking.


*** UPDATE / EDIT ***

I definitely jumped the gun on this. In all fairness, I have not given Premiere enough of a chance to justify the complaints I mentioned. There are definitely a lot of new things about Premiere that have changed over the years that are really impressive.


*** UPDATE / EDIT #2 ***

Ok, I was obviously very cranky the day I wrote that first post.  Premiere is just fine. It definitely gives you plenty of more options over compared to FCPX. There are things that I will use both programs for as they each have their strengths.