There are millions of New Years posts out there, the only difference in this one is that it is my first one ever and it is unique to me.   I wanted to do this because I thought it was important to sit down for a few hours and really reflect on my last year, and also really think about what it is I want to accomplish this year.  In the past, I would just sort of reach into the air and pull up some “resolutions” that I would plan to do, but of course – fail to do them.  I think many of us do the same.

So, here it is.  A review of some milestones, realizations, and intentions for 2013.


  • New York (Rochester, NY / Niagra Falls / Philadelphia, PA)
  • South Dakota (Badlands NP / Mt. Rushmore / Black Hills NF)
  • Wisconsin (Some B&B in a million dollar home)


  • Made Lucas Kay Photography official.
  • Shot last wedding and closed down the wedding blog.
  • Began doing much more video work


  • Men’s Fraternity (a men’s group that meets every wednesday morning to discuss man stuff)
  • Canon Professional Services gold member
  • Realtors Association of Southern Minnesota – affiliate member

Technology Arsenal:

  • iPhone 4S and iPhone 5
  • Canon 7D
  • iPad 2


  • Bought a house
  • Made some great friends
  • Learned a lot about myself

Books I read:

  • Good To Great
  • The Art of Non Conformity
  • Searching For God Knows What
  • Through Painted Deserts
  • The 4 Hour Workweek
  • The $100 Startup
  • One Up On Wall Street
  • The Power of Habit
  • What EveryBODY Is Saying
  • Doctrine: What Christian’s Should Believe
  • FREE: The Future of Radical Price
  • The Call of The Wild
  • Talk And Grow Rich
  • Made To Stick
  • The Referral Engine
  • God’s Voice in the Stars
  • Wheat Belly

Some favorite photos I took:
7 Mile Creek Park In The Snow
Just A Preview

Things I learned about myself:

  • I am very cynical. This is unhealthy for myself and whoever has to hear it. I need to discover the root of this problem and do my best to tackle it.
  • I need to be more in tune with the needs of others, instead of assuming I already know their needs and that they are being met.
  • I am selfish, and I think I am more important than I really am.  I think most people are this way, but it really hit me this year how bad this is.
  • I know very little about anything beyond technology and art.  If the electricity went out forever, I would be able to get us by for a few weeks.
  • While my beliefs and opinions are more based on what I have studied and learned on my own, I am heavily influenced by the ideologies of others.
  • I am incredibly opinionated and I want people to believe and think as I believe and think.  I am learning to let go of this and be more accepting.
  • I am losing my ability to hold conversations with people.  I believe spending too much time on social media is contributing to this.

Skills I Sharpened or Developed: 

  • Better understanding of photography fundamentals (light, composition, exposure, etc)
  • Video production
  • Self-awareness

Things I would like to accomplish in 2013:

  • Learn basic survival skills (growing food, tying knots, building stuff, marksmanship, preparing game, etc.) Not because I am paranoid – but because I know none of these things, and I think that is unwise.
  • Read more books
  • Tackle at least SOME of the things I learned about myself in 2012.
  • Double my photography and videography income.
  • Document life BETTER.  Stop aimlessly taking photos and posting, but document intentionally.
  • Drop my weight to 190 or better. Currently at 220. I am going to work to heavily reduce my wheat intake. Become more healthy.
  • Strengthen my relationships (God, Wife, Family, Friends, Work, etc.)
  • Reduce my social media intake to 25% of what it is now.
  • Schedule my day to day better.
  • Become better at thinking before I speak or act.

That is all for now.  I may update this as time goes on.